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Sharing stories of amazing youth entrepreneurs who are below 25 years of age, working hard and making a positive impact in their communities.

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Nigeria’s 25under25 awards provide fellows with a stipend, access to finance, 12-month incubation, one-on-one leadership coaching, and access to a diverse network of technical advisors, mentors, and potential investors for young entrepreneurs. Nigeria’s under-25 Incubator program equips early-stage entrepreneurs with the support they need to transform audacious ideas into scalable and sustainable ventures. 


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What we provide

Recognition and Awards

We find and celebrate impressive young people. Winning an award can make them feel more confident, motivated, and accomplished.

Networking Opportunities

We help our candidates meet people who are similar to them, mentors, and influential people in their field. This makes it easier for them to find new job prospects and advance in their career.

Mentorship and Guidance

We have programs where successful people teach and guide young award winners to help them grow. They give advice to make them even better.

Training and Workshops

We organize workshops and training sessions for young people to help them become better leaders, develop their personal skills, and improve their professional abilities.

About the 25under25 Awards


Inspiring people to make positive changes.

After the "Under 25 awards", i travelled to Abuja where i presented Renerworld before a panel and won a $10,000 grant. Anytime i think of the grant, i can't help but think of how the opportunity and money i got from winning helped provide the necessary tools to make it happen.

Emmanuel Omolaja Renerworld Global Limited

The 25under25 Award better positioned me for more recognition, and interviews across TV, radio, social media, newspapers, etc. All these gave me a boost of energy to want to do more and i have kept at doing what i do

Doyinmola Paul-Oyewusi DHONEY Adire & Craft Nigeria

The 25under25 award gave me a more rigid mindset of not giving up and not settling for less. It brought more trust from clients because people always mentioned my winning the award anytime they gave a referral. It opened more doors of trust and validated my business in the eyes of people that it is legit. It also expanded my customer base.

Samuel Anefu Jaykole Fashion Empire

Winning the award gave me exposure, and the rare privileges of collaboration and networking that came with being a part of the community. I can rub minds with great people, learn from their success and failure stories, and also see how they do things differently. This is not something money can buy.

Okolie Michael Panda Media Entertainment and Productions

One of the most remarkable aspects of the award is witnessing the positive impact it had on audiences. I remember the night i got the award, i received tons of DMs, comments, and partnership requests from people. So beyond highlights, the aftermath effect of the award has brought about visibility, partnerships, and validity.

Faleto Ayodeji Careers and Business Everything




Our approach involves enlisting proficient facilitators in each domain, ensuring the delivery of a comprehensible curriculum.


The Community

This community will gain access to educational avenues such as leadership sessions and interactions with industry luminaries.



We facilitate an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their projects and vie for grants, low to zero-interest loans.

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