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Our story

The idea

Mr. Charles Odii started the 25under25 Awards because he believes young people have great potential and can achieve remarkable things in various fields. His passion for youth empowerment and personal experiences inspired him to recognize the accomplishments of young individuals below 25 who are making an impact despite their age.

Mr. Charles Odii formed a team of people who were passionate about empowering young people. They all had different skills, experiences and opinions, which made the project stronger. Together, they worked hard to make Mr. Charles Odii’s vision a reality.

Over time, the 25under25 Awards became more popular and well-known. This led to more people being nominated and having a bigger impact. The group of people who receive the awards, as well as their mentors and supporters, made the awards very prestigious.

We understand our purpose better when we hear how our nominees have benefited from our program.

Celebrating 7 years of Impact

Impact by the Numbers

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nominees are young leaders under the age of 25