2023 Tech Category Winner: Ezeabasilim Emzor

25under25 Award Winner 2023 Spotlight
  • What inspired you to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, and how has that initial spark evolved over time?

My entrepreneurial journey began with a deep-seated passion for innovation. I really love innovating and also have a desire to make a meaningful impact in the community. I’ve always been drawn to solving problems and creating something new, like solutions to problems. The initial spark was ignited by the realization that I could use my skills to address unmet needs in the community. And over time, the inspiration has evolved into the mission to empower other people through technology and innovation.

  • In what ways has your business made a tangible impact on your community, and what changes do you envision it bringing in the future?

Tethral Technologies has been fortunate to have a tangible impact on our community in several ways. We’ve created a lot of job opportunities; tutored a lot of top talents; we’ve skilled people up. As we look at the future now, we envision even greater changes, such as launching educational programs, and events, creating job portals, and sustainability initiatives that will not only benefit the community but also the environment.

  • How do you stay motivated during challenging times, and what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs facing similar obstacles?

Staying motivated during challenging times is no small feat at all, but it is essential for staying entrepreneurial. I draw inspiration from our unwavering belief in our mission and my incredible team. My advice to young entrepreneurs facing obstacles is to embrace failure as a learning opportunity, surround themselves with a supportive network and community, and always remember why they started their journey in the first place. 

  • What pivotal lessons have you learned along your journey, and how have they contributed to the growth of your business and personal development?

Along my journey, I’ve learned some pivotal lessons. One of the most important is the value of adaptability. Market changes, technology evolves, and new things come out, so being flexible and open to new ideas has been crucial. These lessons have only contributed to my business and also shaped my personal development by making me a more resilient and well-rounded individual.

  • What aspects of your business do you feel reflect your unique vision and set you apart in your industry?

What sets us apart in our industry is our unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibilities. We’ve integrated these values into every aspect of our business from product design to supply chain and management. This reflects my unique vision of the world where business not only thrives but gives back to society.

  • How has the 25under25 award impacted your business and personal growth?

Receiving the 25under25 Award was a tremendous honour which I really appreciate and value, and has had a profound impact on my business and personal growth. It provided value, and exposure, and connected me to like-minded entrepreneurs out there. It also boosted my credibility.

It has been honorable to experience this and also been a source of great motivation. I pray this movement continues to grow.

  • Can you share any memorable milestones or breakthrough moments that reinforced your commitment to your entrepreneurial path?

There have been numerous memorable milestones. But one that reinforced my commitment was when I secured my first major client. It was a breakthrough that validated us and opened doors to further opportunities. Such moments remind me that perseverance and dedication pay off.

  • Looking ahead, what are your future aspirations for your business, and what legacy do you hope to leave for the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs?

Looking ahead, my future aspiration for my business is to scale our impact globally and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. I hope to leave a legacy of possible change where businesses not only succeed financially but also leave a long-lasting and positive mark in the world.

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