Adeshina Ajoye’s Journey from 25under25 Education Winner to Business Success

25under25 Award Winner 2021 Spotlight for a Campaign titled Dreamers to Doers
  • Congratulations on winning the 25 Under25 Awards in the education category! Can you share with us a bit about your journey and what motivated you to venture into the education sector?

I ventured into the education sector because I discovered from research that the majority of the socio-economic issues in the country would have been half-solved if half of the population especially the youth demographic were educated with relevant information to solve societal problems.

  • SME100 Africa focuses on celebrating young entrepreneurs and change-makers. How has winning this award impacted your work and vision for the future of education?

The immediate impact of this award was that it made it easier to meet other stakeholders in the education business, restructure the business with the fund, and pivot our business model. I have also gone to mentor thousands of fresh graduates in Abuja and Nasarawa NYSC camps on career development.

  • Your initiative has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to education. Could you describe some of the key principles or methods that guide your educational programs or projects?

We encouraged active learning where students are given tasks within lessons to carry out to reinforce the memory of the taught lessons. We also encourage peer-to-peer lessons where students collaborate and share knowledge to solve case studies. Finally, we made our training very affordable and accessible from any part of the country by making it completely virtual.

  • In what ways do you believe your educational initiatives contribute to addressing specific challenges or gaps within the current education system, particularly in Africa?

For a long time, our educational system has been built to nurture and build talent (with outdated knowledge) for jobs. These jobs require substantial experience and expertise to be accessed. So, we decided to develop a curriculum that would teach our students relevant courses in leadership, business development, career development, and entrepreneurship to make them self-reliant. These courses were developed by a rich faculty and facilitated by experts. After teaching these students, we help them land jobs through our other company: Employ Africa which is an HR-tech company with a flagship recruitment product called Employ App.

  • Collaboration often plays a crucial role in driving impactful change. Have you collaborated with other organizations or individuals in the education sector, and if so, how has this collaboration influenced your work?

Collaboration is very key to what we do at Difference Makers Centre and so we collaborated with several brands to help us in the provision of resource persons, amplification of our work on mass media, and provision of coworking space for our on-site training. This has helped us reduce costs, increase our effectiveness, and surpass our company objectives.

  • As a young leader in education, what advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs or activists who are passionate about making a difference in the field of education?

Apprenticeship is very key because you need to learn from the best to build the best. So, learn from the best, attend seminars and conferences, and then invest in entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurship is not something that can built based on talent, you need niche knowledge, network, capital, and leadership acumen to succeed at it.

  • Innovation is key to transforming education for the better. Can you highlight any innovative strategies or technologies you’ve incorporated into your initiatives to enhance learning outcomes?

We are currently building one with Interactive AI. I wouldn’t be able to say more than that.

  • Looking ahead, what are your future goals and aspirations for your work in education? How do you envision continuing to make a positive impact in the lives of learners and communities?

We are building an inclusive education platform that can accommodate everyone so that we can equate career development opportunities for everyone regardless of financial status.

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