Ayodeji, the Career Development Expert

Every great entrepreneur’s story often starts with a passion for problem-solving and Ayodeji Faleto’s story is no different.

Ayodeji was quick to identify a knowledge gap when it came to the availability and accessibility of valuable information related to employment and career development. He realized that there was a dire need to bridge that gap, thus, birthing his consulting agency – Careers and Business Everything.

Careers and Business Everything has become a fast-growing human capital development company in Nigeria that focuses on marketable skills, business, and education. The business has grown into a comprehensive career platform that provides online career guidance, business structure, personal and corporate branding solutions for both individuals and businesses, as well as job seeker training.

The secret for growing Careers and Business Everything to its current stage can be summarized in one word: dedication. Ayodeji emphasizes the importance of staying dedicated to providing valuable services and remaining attuned to the evolving needs of his audience. 

“Dedication has been a major key to our business growth; dedication to providing valuable services to the evolving needs of our clients. Needs evolve as time passes and employers demand different skills. So, this mindset has kept us going so that we can constantly provide our audience with the information they need to succeed. “

One of the major lessons Ayodeji has learned on his entrepreneurial journey is the importance of resilience. He highlights the fact that challenges are an integral part of entrepreneurship and should be seen as opportunities for growth. 

“As an entrepreneur, there are so many challenges you’re going to face. Sometimes it may look like things are not working; it may look like you’re wasting your time. But I believe it’s wise to see challenges and make an opportunity out of them. Because when you’re resilient about an idea or a vision, you don’t stop. You continue to make it work and give it color.”

His proudest moments as an entrepreneur often stem from the feedback received from clients who have experienced significant professional improvement through his platform. Since winning the 25under25 Award in 2021, Ayodeji has witnessed a remarkable positive impact on his business. The recognition brought increased visibility and partnership opportunities. 

“I remember the night I got the award, I received tons of DMs, comments, and partnership requests from people. So beyond highlight, the aftermath effect of the award has brought about visibility, partnerships, and validation.”

Ayodeji offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs by emphasizing the importance of persistence, adaptability, and continuous learning. He adds that attending workshops, symposiums, and networking with professionals can provide fresh insights and keep one’s business relevant.

Looking to the future, Careers and Business Everything set its sights on global expansion. Ayodeji envisions extending his company’s reach beyond the borders of Nigeria.  With established clients already in the UK, Canada, USA, Ireland, and India, their unwavering goal is to persist in delivering solutions and effecting positive change on a global scale.

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