Folashade is Giving Performing Arts the Recognition It Deserves

Folashade Ayinde is carving a niche that honors and celebrates theatrical excellence in Nigeria. Her story resonates with creativity, dedication, and the passion to give “the stage” the recognition it deserves.

With a background in Performing Arts and Film Studies, Folashade embarked on a journey that would uniquely fuse art and entrepreneurship. She founded EFHER Art Management as a response to an observation that performing arts often take a backseat to film production when it comes to recognition and being awarded. Her mission is to amplify the voices of those who bring stories to life on stage through the Theatre Students Award.

The award is designed to uplift university students passionate about the stage. With participation from over 40 institutions across Nigeria, the award serves as a platform that doesn’t just recognize but also propels budding talents forward when it comes to professional stage production.

Post-award, the magic continues as winners collaborate to produce a play. The Best Playwright crafts the script, the Best Director guides the production, and the Best Costume and Makeup artists weave visual enchantment.

This collaborative effort not only showcases their skills but also cements the power of unity in creating captivating performances.

With entrepreneurship comes challenges, and Folashade has faced them head-on. The path, though not devoid of difficulties, has taught her valuable lessons. 

“Never give up. The beginning was a struggle for me, especially in 2019. But I kept striving and kept pushing.”

The journey is just beginning for Folashade as winning the 25under25 Awards opened doors to networking opportunities for her and is determined to expand her horizons further.

To emerging entrepreneurs, Folashade has a few words for you:

“The beginning is going to be very hard. But if you’re willing to grow beyond the level of people who play in the same space as you and whom you look up to, keep pushing and never give up.”

Looking ahead, Folashade envisions a thriving future, aiming to partner with the Nigeria University Theatre Arts Festival. Global recognition is the goal, and Folashade is poised to continue the transformative journey of bringing the stage to the forefront of artistic appreciation.

In Folashade’s story, we find a fusion of artistry and entrepreneurship; a success story where art and business intertwine seamlessly.

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