How Emmanuel is Navigating Success as a Digital Marketing Professional

25under25 Award Winner 2022 Spotlight

Emmanuel Dairo is the CEO of Red Circle Digital Agency, a multifaceted digital marketing and public relations agency connecting brands to their audiences through strategic ideas and innovations. Emmanuel was the winner of our Professional Services category in 2022.

  • What does being a young and self-made entrepreneur mean to you?

It’s really tasking because of the myriad of clients I have to work with at the same time since I run an agency. It’s a lot of sleepless nights, but I keep it moving.

However, it feels good to see the result of the things I’m doing coming into play and also that I will be more successful than I am now. The hope for a better future is what makes it make sense.

  • Can you share the inspiration behind your decision to start your own business at a young age?

I’ve always liked the idea of branding and advertisements. I just wanted to be in charge of brands and the reason why a brand gains popularity, as a result of the campaigns I execute for them. That validation is all I needed.

  • On work-life balance/harmony, how do you manage your time effectively to run a successful business while also pursuing personal interests?

It’s tasking. There’s no work-life balance.

  • As an entrepreneur, what motivates and sustains your drive?

When you see people in your industry achieving heights that you’ve not gotten to yet, you won’t want to be the one behind. You’ll strive to do more. Then the promise to make myself proud is part of the reason why I want to do more.

  • Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, what accomplishment are you most proud of?

Winning the Future Brand Idol. It is an advertising competition where the most creative person tends to be the winner. Also, winning the 25under25 Awards and being one of the winners of the 02 Academy Scholarship 3 years ago. There are lots of awards I’ve won and I’ll keep doing more.

  • What advice would you give fellow young entrepreneurs just starting their own businesses?

There’s money in the digital marketing space, but it takes hard work to succeed. You can’t make it if you are lazy.

  • Do you have a favourite quote/mantra that resonates with your entrepreneurial spirit?

“In everything, be different.” If you are in a space that is already crowded, the only thing that will set you apart is your being different. In my own space, aside from doing digital marketing, I also run ad direction. This has opened me up to global brands in Nigeria and Africa at large. 

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