Okunade Boluwaduro’s Inspiring Journey in Financial Education

25under25 Award Winner 2023 Spotlight for a Campaign titled Dreamers to Doers
  • Congratulations on winning the 25Under25 Awards! Can you share the inspiration behind founding “Vestducation Services Limited” and your mission to simplify investment education for the common man?

The inspiration behind my mission to simplify investment education for the common man was driven by the fact that while I was in the university, I had a lot of people who didn’t understand basic stuff, because economic news affects everyone but the people who say the news speak in such a way as though they assume everyone understands those terminologies. These are very simple things but the terminologies make them complex, so I decided to start a company to make stuff as easy as possible for everyone. That was how I began Vestducation.

  • Finance and Financial Technology are rapidly evolving fields. How do you ensure your company stays abreast of the latest trends and innovations to provide relevant and effective investment education?

So, what we do when it comes to finance and tech fields, are rapidly evolving fields. However, the field we are in sort of is an interpretation field, we get complex stuff, simplify it and people understand. It’s to our advantage that things are rapidly evolving because that means they have a lot of more complex stuff churned out daily that needs to be understood by the common man.  So that’s an advantage to us.

  • Winning the award must have been a significant milestone. How has this recognition impacted your company’s growth and ability to reach a wider audience?

So, it has impacted primarily my brand equity, when my profile is being read and people know that I won this award, it sort of changes or adds to the already present building blocks of credibility and also it serves as inspiration when I speak to young people. If I can do it, they can do it too. 

  • Education is a key component of your company’s mission. How do you tailor your investment education programs to make them accessible and understandable to individuals with varying levels of financial literacy?

So the first thing is in the company, we have a culture and policy of the language we use. When I’m working with my team, I tell them if a 3-year-old can’t understand it then our job isn’t done. So we ensure we tailor our lingua to ensure that the common man understands.

  • Collaboration and partnerships can be crucial in the finance sector. Have you collaborated with other organizations or institutions to further your mission, and if so, how have these collaborations enhanced your offerings?

Yes!, we have collaborated with people in different fields, like I said we are more Interpreters. So what we do is that we find experts in certain fields e.g. Crypto, Forex, and stocks and then we collaborate with them to have webinars and many times, what this does is it allows our audience to understand and get practical investment that they can put their money into.

  • Financial inclusion is an important issue globally. How does your company contribute to promoting financial inclusion, particularly among underserved communities?

Alright, the first thing we do is our lingua, we ensure we constantly review our language to make them understand.
Number two, is we partner with certain organizers of events and we have sort of free training for them. We also have a lot of free resources we give out consistently and freely, so everyone can know and make financial smart decisions.

  • The landscape of financial technology is constantly evolving. How do you navigate regulatory challenges and technological advancements to ensure that your services remain secure and compliant?

Many times, the aspect of regulatory compliance applies to those who directly handle the money, we do not invest for people, all we do is educate you in the simplest way possible. So we don’t have issues like that.

  • As a young entrepreneur in the finance and financial technology industry, what advice would you give to others looking to enter this field and make a positive impact on financial literacy and inclusion?

My advice to those looking to enter this field is firstly, you have to be definite in your market research because it’s very saturated.

Secondly, I think you have to drive your product with all your heart and mind.

Lastly, I’d like to say if you are likely to start a product, funding does not guarantee success. So ensure your business numbers are positive before you scale.

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