Shaping Tomorrow’s Events: The Eseoghene Oghenerhoro Story

25under25 Award Winner 2023 Spotlight for International Women's Day 2024

Eseoghene Oghenerhoro, a biochemistry graduate from Delta State University with a zest for travel and discipline, is an accomplished event specialist. Her passion for coordination and love for meeting new people steered her toward a career in event planning. Known for her dedication and hard work, Eseoghene embarked on her journey in the event industry as staff before launching her brand in 2020. She has honed her skills through training with Sapphire Events and several other prestigious event companies, marking her prominence in the field.

Our short interview with Eseoghene

  • As a young entrepreneur, what motivated you to pursue a career in event planning?

I would say my entrepreneurial spirit motivated me at some point. from the beginning, I have been an event staff and I loved attending parties my attention to detail in scenarios and situations helped me a great deal

  • How did winning the 25under25 Awards in 2023 impact your career trajectory as an event planner?

Well, winning the 25under25 awards was an eye-opener to the corporate world at large and a great motivation to continue pushing even though the odds are against me, it also gave me more clients and opportunities when pitching to my prospective clients.

  • What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of being an event planner?

(I’m blushing) obviously, after a job well done at an event also be able to see your staff execute all you have taught them, and act according to the pattern in which certain things are done even when you are not there.

  • Can you share a significant challenge you faced as an event planner and how you overcame it?

I have two major challenges; one was from the beginning and the other was during my journey (I learned the hard way ). The first was a lack of patience; being an event vendor/planner requires a lot of patience and calmness amid your chaos????. I was able to manage it at the end. The second was my pricing and over-familiarity, people won’t just take you for granted because you are young and they feel they are doing a favor by giving you a job or referral so they tend to oppress you and not want to pay for the services. I had to learn, seek advice, learn how to act professionally, and give the best customer service whether family or friends.

  • What advice would you give to female entrepreneurs looking to start an event planning business?

It won’t be easy, but if you are determined and success-driven, you will achieve more. Most importantly ask for support whenever you can, seek advice ( no knowledge is a waste), take courses, attend conferences, build your portfolio, and network with the right minds in the right space.

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  1. Ayomide

    Emora events is going global❤️

  2. Akemu Divine

    Miss Eseoghene is indeed a wonderful, strong,vibrant and great boss in her career and I pray that God will continue to lift her to a greater heights

  3. Joseph oruchukwu Samuel

    Wow this is so impressive ????????????

  4. Daniel

    Momma, I am inspired by this,being a lady, u took ur self up, and u stand amist all odds, its
    a great refreshing experience to me, and innovative notion to keep going no matter the odds, continued to sour high boss mhi❤️✅️

    1. Jennifer

      In this current erra, been an entrepreneur is not easy then speaking about events that you meet up people of different attitudes……. You did well and doing well and God will continue to help and guard you on this part you have followed

  5. Jennifer

    It’s amazing when you see people grow and Ese is one of those people who inspire others….cheers to accomplishing more boss ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Millicent

    Emora events is one of the best with a well trained staffs

  7. Mqrcellina

    Ma’am you are an inspiration, thank you for being you.

  8. Jules

    You are inspiraring, best in what you you.

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