Sustainability Meets Innovation: The Zainab Abike Kadiri-Lawal Story

25under25 Award Winner 2023 Spotlight for International Women's Day 2024

Zainab Abike Kadiri-Lawal leads Zannytecture Recycling Company Limited, turning tires and PET bottles into creative furniture. Certified in Upcycling by Pearl Recycling with US Government sponsorship, and a Waste Manager via LAWMA, her journey began at Yaba College of Technology in Science Laboratory Technology. Motivated by financial independence and environmental sustainability, Zainab combines her business with advocacy against pollution. She actively researches, teaches waste management, and belongs to various environmental organizations, including serving as the EETF Lagos state representative. Her passions include waste picking, publicizing events, networking, and contributing to societal and environmental well-being.

Our short interview with Kadiri

  • What inspired you to become an environmental entrepreneur, and how does your work align with your passion for sustainability?

The inspiration to become an environmental entrepreneur stemmed from my desire for financial independence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along the journey, I realized that achieving this goal required me to contribute positively to society. This led me to advocate against environmental unsustainability and pollution, aligning my work with my passion for sustainability.

  • Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that fueled your commitment to making a positive impact on the environment?

I’m unable to recall a specific pivotal moment or experience, but rather, it’s been a gradual realization of the pressing need to address environmental challenges. Witnessing the detrimental effects of pollution and unsustainability on communities and ecosystems has fueled my commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

  • In the realm of environmental entrepreneurship, innovation is key. What sustainable practices or technologies does your business employ to contribute to a greener future?

My business advocates for sustainability through various channels, including social media platforms and traditional methods like door-to-door advocacy and waste picking. By promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about environmental issues, we contribute to a greener future.

  • The environmental sector, like many others, benefits from diversity. How do you actively support and empower women in your organization and the broader environmental entrepreneurship community?

Yes, through my brand, I collaborate with other organizations and grassroots communities to organize training sessions. These sessions empower women to earn from waste, providing them with a sustainable source of income. This demonstrates our commitment to raising awareness about environmental issues and inspiring positive change at the grassroots level.

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  1. Akinlolu Mary

    I love Your Zeal ,Keep it up Zanny

  2. GbeleyiofGod

    What a good read. Thank you for your impact. What amazed me what your motivation to stand out among your peers and what inspired this journey. The sky is your starting piont and not your limit. Keep shining KADIRI

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