Who is Eligible for Nomination?

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Our primary aim is to empower young entrepreneurs. Therefore, we extend our nominations to all young individuals who have displayed the courage to initiate a business venture. Every nominee will undergo an evaluation process against a predefined set of criteria. This screening process serves as a prerequisite for their potential involvement in the subsequent stages. Fulfilling these eligibility conditions aids us in identifying ambitious individuals who are prepared to elevate their aspirations to the next level.

In line with our commitment for this year, each nominee chosen to be part of this journey will be promptly integrated into an intensive 8-week incubator program. This program serves as a vibrant hub where like-minded young entrepreneurs converge, fostering a sense of community and providing them with access to valuable financing opportunities.

Listed below are the eligibility criteria for the 25under25 awards.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Experience and qualification: Nominees must have a proven track record of experience in the field, complemented by relevant qualifications that showcase their expertise
  2. Age: The founder(s) must not be older than 26 when receiving the award and the company must have existed for at least 3 years.
  3. Nationality: The event was solely made to recognize and celebrate micro and small businesses that are transforming industries in Nigeria. The business owner/founder must be a Nigerian to be able to qualify.
  4. Achievement and contribution: Eligible candidates should be able to provide concrete examples of their impactful contributions. The company must be contributing to social economic development in Nigeria.
  5. Ethical standing: Individuals nominated must have a clean record with no recent or ongoing ethical or legal issues. The line of business must be by Nigerian laws.
  6. Originality: The business must be duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

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